Blogging: A Useful PR Tool

Good PR professionals have a plethora of tools in their communications toolboxes – social media, writing, interview, and negotiating skills are just a few.  Another great tool for PR is a company blog! A blog serves as a calling card for a business and is a great place to discuss you company, products, and expertise. Knowing how to write good blog entries can be a great asset in helping to engage your customers and fans.

Blogs help your business by:

Increasing SEO.
One thing we love about blogs is that they help increase search engine optimization (SEO). The more you write, the more opportunities to highlight ‘keywords’ for search engines to pick up on.

Providing You with Sharable Content.
People enjoy reading and sharing tips-related articles. Talk about your business, but also include helpful tips that can benefit your readers. That way, people will be more inclined to share your posts to their own followers on social media sites. The more your content gets shared, the more you get your name out there!

Qualifying You to Guest Blog.
Guest blogging is another great way to promote your business because it gives you a chance to reach a new audience. We typically suggest that owners of companies or presidents of organizations write guest blogs to reach new audiences. We suggest our clients send their product to bigger bloggers for them to review or use in a giveaway.

If you aren’t already posting regularly on your company blog, or if you haven’t even started one yet, we encourage you to really amp up your game. We enjoy posting weekly blog entries because we know about all the benefits that come it brings.

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