Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pets


Halloween is right around the corner – along with indulgent candies, crafty costumes and exciting decorations. However, while having fun during this wacky holiday, be sure to remember your pets. As with most special occasions, Halloween is full of hazards for our non-human family members, and it’s your job to ensure that they are away from harm. Keep your furry friends safe and have a purr-fect howl-oween by following these important tips.

Stash away all candy – especially chocolates. No, this isn’t a diet tip for humans (though it may help). Mischievous pets are always exploring and getting into trouble… Don’t make it any easier for them, and save yourself a trip to the veterinarian’s office. Make sure that candy bowls or bags are placed in a location that a curious cat or dog won’t find. Remember, chocolate is poisonous and lethal to pets. Additionally, xylitol (an artificial sweetener found in some candies) is dangerous for dogs as well.

Throw away candy wrappers. Be aware of the choking risk of cellophane wrappers and treat bags. If swallowed, these wrappers can cause intestinal blockage and can be fatal.

Place decorations out of reach. Jack-o-lanterns are an October staple, but don’t allow them to cause harm to animals. The flickering of the fire within the pumpkin can often ignite your pet’s curiosity – which can lead to injury. Additionally, decorations with wires and straw can also be hazardous.

Be mindful of pet costumes. If you decide to dress up your cat or dog, please ensure that they are able to breathe properly. The costume should never be too tight, nor should it cover their mouths or noses. Also, never leave your costumed pet unattended.

Consider keeping your furry friend indoors. Halloween is hectic – full of hyper children and outdoor activities. If you typically keep your cat or dog outside, please keep them indoors on the 31st. If your pet becomes lost in the chaos of trick-or-treating, they may be too afraid to find their way home again. That would be a real life horror movie for a poor animal. Ensure that your pet has an updated ID tag or microchip in case of emergency.

Follow these safety tips to have a spook-tacular holiday. Remember, your pets deserve a Happy Halloween too!

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