Pet PR and Puppy Relations Manager Shea Provides Summer Safety Tips for Pets

Shea-300x289From the desk of Shea, Pet PR and Puppy Relations Manager…

There are still plenty of lazy summer days left to enjoy, but maybe it is time to review some of the BIG summer safety tips for your four-legged companions.

HOT CARS– I just can’t say it enough! DO NOT leave your pet in a hot car.  Not for just a few minutes, not for even one.  You wouldn’t feel comfortable sitting in a parked car with a fur coat on so imagine how we feel. We can’t open the doors. We don’t have cell phones so we can’t call for help.  Each year thousands of pets die in hot cars.  Friends, if you see an animal alone and in distress tell someone in authority.

The same goes for your home.  You wouldn’t sit in your living room all day licking your (uhh… feet) and not turn the air conditioner on, right?  Well if it is hot enough for you to be uncomfortable, guess what, then we are probably uncomfortable too.

HEAT STROKE – If your four-legged friend starts to show signs of Heat Stress (heavy panting, vomiting, bright red gums, or thick drool) move them to a cooler place immediately and alternate wet towels to cool them off.   Heat Stress leads to heat stroke, but take care not to cool us off too quickly because that  can send us into shock. So thanks, but no thanks to a Big Gulp.

SUNSCREEN – Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in dogs.  If you can actually see our skin it needs sunblock – especially the adorable pink ears and bellies.

HYDRATION – It’s obvious really important to keep us hydrated.   You drink water – we drink water – everyone’s happy and healthy.


BBQ scraps – we can’t help it, we beg.  But you must be strong for us – bones, fat, corncobs can all wreak havoc in our systems or even kill.

Plants —Azaleas and many types of lilies are beautiful but they are also toxic to us.  Lock up plant foods and pesticides, duh

Beach – Currents and rip tides might seem like no big deal to a 150-pound human, but a 35- pound dog could get washed away in seconds. Dry our ears after swimming – especially the big floppy ears where bacteria can fester.

And really a mosquito doesn’t care whose blood it dines on so remember to use pet-safe insect repellent on us too.

Labor Day is right around the corner! Enjoy these last few weeks of summer safely!

~ Shea and the Paws PR team.

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