Building Media Relations

Led by former NBC News producer Patricia Jones and her team of former journalists, the Paws PR media relations’ experts are heads and tails above other PR companies. We are the only Pet PR agency whose publicists have worked inside the nation’s top newsrooms alongside legends like Tom Brokaw, Bryant Gumbel, and Katie Couric.

Effective Publicity Requires Experience

We believe that effective publicity requires hands-on experience in newsrooms and understanding what reporters and editors need in order to effectively tell your company’s story.

We prefer to focus on a direct approach to media relations rather than the wide-net philosophy of larger firms. This means our strategy never includes simply a “blast” pitch via press release distribution services. Reporters are not looking at PR Newswire for story ideas!

Before launching any media campaign, we carefully assess the client’s objectives and goals to be achieved. Paws PR never makes broad, unrealistic promises and, if we feel there are better ways to reach your target audience, we’ll let you know.

Paws PR
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