Creating Advocacy Campaigns for Animal Welfare Organizations

Working to make the world a better place for animals is at the heart of Paws PR and we’re experts at raising awareness of nonprofit organizations and their missions. Our team members have created a variety of campaigns including lobbying against Ringling Bros. circuses over their treatment of elephants, raising awareness of undercover investigations at factory farms for Compassion Over Killing and the Animal Legal Defense Fund and lobbying to end the New York City carriage horse industry. Our team has also successfully raised funds using social media for a number of national nonprofit organizations and animal shelters. 

Individually, we have worked in leadership roles at the nation’s top animal protection organizations, but we also work hands-on caring for community cats, advocating for spay/neuter and adoption in our communities. 

At Paws PR, we know that effective communication comes from intentional strategy and planning. We can work with your organization to clarify your reason for communicating and do the critical research needed to understand your audience, the context and your competition. Key questions we can help you answer include:

Target Audiences

At the heart of any effective communication strategy is a keen understanding of target audiences/stakeholders. We help  hone your focus so that resources are directed to productive audience segments. From these segments, we create audience personas which give a fuller/richer profile of the type of person you are trying to reach. In addition, we offer a wide variety of research activities to help you better understand your target audience, particularly in terms of their motivations and hesitations around your product/service. These activities include reviews of relevant literature on consumer behavior, survey design and deployment, interviews and focus groups.

SWOT Analysis

Paws PR knows that communication never happens in a vacuum. We work with clients on their contextual analysis, developing a sense of both the culture and context they will be operating in. Specifically, we can assist you with everything from performing an inventory of key cultural values that may have a positive or negative impact on your communication efforts, conducting cultural analysis for intercultural and crafting SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities) analyses. In addition, we can help you better understand your competition by developing critical competitor analyses.

Practical Details for Strategic Communications


In addition to helping clients answer broader strategic questions, Paws PR also offers planning for more practical details including budgeting, timelines and evaluation measures.

Presentational Speaking and Media Training

In addition to thinking about what you want to say, effective influence comes from making good choices about where to say it. Paws PR works with clients to establish a good mix of tactics that will best reach their target audiences.

Consultants at Paws PR have deep experience in helping clients construct powerful presentations, whether you are working on pitch presentations, preparing for a national TV interview or honing your TedX talk. We help you organize your material, frame it persuasively and deliver it in a compelling manner.

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