Blog Paws 2013 – Wrap Up

me-dale-becky-1024x577Last week, I attended Blog Paws, an annual conference joining together 500 pet bloggers and pet writers to learn more about educating people about companion animals using social media.

It was a whirlwind of workshops, presentations, client meetings and lots of networking–with old and new friends–making lots of great new connections. I came home with a notebook filled with ideas and inspiration for our business and also for our clients.

One workshop that was particularly helpful focused on self-publishing. I am currently working with a few clients who are in various stages of writing and producing self-published books. It’s an exciting time to be an author. The e-book and self-publishing world are booming! Here are a few highlights:

  • 30% of all books now being sold on are self-published. The opportunities to write and sell your book are growing every day with a proliferation of companies serving the self-published author.
  • The old model of publishing: get an agent, get a book deal, get published – is not the case anymore. Book publishers are re-inventing themselves. They scour websites and blogs to find the “next great book.” Be bold in your marketing campaigns and you just might catch the eye of a publisher!
  • Readers select books via recommendations online: blogs, message boards, trusted friends and online communities. This is why it’s important to grow your social media networks well in advance of your book launch. As you write your chapters, it’s important to simultaneously grow your target audience to sell your book. That means working your social media, making connections via your blog and building a list of e-mails for direct marketing.
  •  The media is starting to accept that self-publishing is credible and an increasing number of mainstream media are now writing about self published books.  (This was not the case 5 years ago.)

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- Patricia

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