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Working to make the world a better place for animals by raising the awareness of animal welfare organizations and their missions is at the heart of Paws PR. Our team members have created a variety of advocacy campaigns through the years including lobbying against Ringling Bros. circuses over their treatment of elephants, launching an anti-cruelty towards animals campaign with business magnate, Russell Simmons and raising 8 million dollars toward animal rescue in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Individually, we have worked in leadership roles at the nation’s top animal protection organizations but we have also been on the ground working first-hand caring for community cats, advocating to get NYC’s junkyard dogs spayed and neutered, and helping both local community Trap-Neuter-Return and pet adoption campaigns.

We know the issues and challenges faced by nonprofits and we know the animal protection world inside and out.

We have a proven record of success. Our team has booked clients on national morning news programs, positioned national nonprofit founders as leaders in their field, organized successful press conferences, developed and implemented crisis communication plans, secured pro-bono advertising space, placed Op-eds and Letters to the Editor and produced effective videos and PSAs.

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