Case Study: Sweet Pea Kitchens

Sweet Pea Kitchens, a purveyor of homemade dog and cat treats, retained Paws PR to rebrand the company beginning with a new company logo.

The rebranding captured the essence of Sweet Pea Kitchens: homemade baked goods crafted the old fashioned way, with real food ingredients that are both recognizable and pronounceable. In more traditional kitchens harkening back to childhood, the packaging’s graphic lace border evokes warm memories of what home symbolized prior to mass-produced factory foods

New logo for Sweet Pea Kitchens

Paws PR also redesigned the company’s packaging for dog and cat treats, reflecting the wholesome ingredients baked into every batch.

The rebranding tripled sales within the first month of the launch and helped the company land a second order from the monthly subscription box, PetBox. Shortly thereafter, the line was featured in Katsen Box and selected as the “Treat of the Month” by Doggyloot.

Package design for Sweet Pea Kitchens
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