Conferences and Expos: Networking Face-to-Face

petexpo12-300x214Working in the pet industry, we regularly attending numerous pet conferences and expos. While we enjoy being social and making connections over the internet, conferences provide their own unique ways of networking that you simply cannot find online. In this digital age, it may seem like face to face connections are not as critical as they used to be, but this is not the case. If you only have an online presence, you’ll miss out on great opportunities to really give your company a face and a voice. Never underestimate the value of face to face connections.

We love conferences for two main reasons:

1. Attending conferences will help you keep up with the latest trends in your industry.

Wondering what the newest innovations in your niche industry are? Conference attendees come prepared to show off their latest and greatest products. Attending a conference yourself not only gives you the chance to display and share your newest industry accomplishments, but it also gives you a great opportunity to find out about the latest trends. You’ll get a chance to see what the leaders in your industry are up to, and you’ll be able to see some of your competitor’s products first hand.

2. Attending conferences will give you a sea of endless networking opportunities.

Social media networking is great, but it does have its limitations. You simply cannot replace a personal connection with a digital one – they’re just not the same. Networking at conferences can be a great way to meet the people that you follow on social media and strengthen those relationships. When you return home from a conference, you’ll be able to stay in communication with the great people you met and continue to keep up with what they’re doing. Plus, when else will you have so many people in your industry from all over the country in one place?

Are you preparing for any upcoming conferences?

Take advantage of social media in your preparations! Find out who will be attending your conference, and begin conversing with them via social media. That way when you meet them in person, you’ll already know a lot about them.

In addition to helping you keep up with the latest news and grow your business network, conferences are a lot of fun! Who doesn’t love trying out new products, meeting new people, and all that SWAG? So don’t wait – sign up for a conference and let the networking begin!

Next week we are headed to the Fall Backer’s Total Pet Expo. It’s you’ll be there, drop us a tweet so we can say hi! @PawsPR

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