Emphasize the ‘Networking’ in Social Networking

real_estate_and_social_media_thoughts_1113-300x207How do you interact with your customers and clients? Is it over the phone? Via e-mail? Direct mail? Are you using social media to connect with customers and donors?

If social media is part of your integrated communications strategy – kudos! But if you’re one of the many companies that still have not made the leap into social media, it’s ok! Social media can be overwhelming when you sit and think about all the platforms available: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler….just to name a few.

I like to tell my clients who are new to social media to keep it simple and choose a platform that works best for your audience. For example, if you’re designer of clothing for dogs, Instragram would be a great platform for you to showcase your latest creations. A manufacturer of cat treats would do well with a Facebook page that provides an opportunity for fans to post photos of their cats and interact with each other.

Interaction and connecting are what social media is all about.

As a business owner, we are always trying to make connections. We network as we are out shopping, out for drinks with friends, at the dog run, and via e-mail, so why should we not make those connections even more meaningful? That’s what social media is– connecting online! When you create a connection, you want to be able to keep that relationship going. Whether it is interacting with one of your followers on Twitter or posting a YouTube video featuring your company’s new product, the connections you make and build upon is key to long term marketing success.

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