Engaging Your Audience (with Kittens)

Two-Kittens-200x300It’s important for any business or organization to have a Facebook fan page (in addition to other social media profiles) to create an online community where you can engage and connect with your customers, supporters, and even other businesses and organizations.

But you need to do more than start a profile—you need to engage your audience. You want to connect with people, post information that your fan base would be interested in—including photos and links, and promote events and even sales. You will also want to interact with your fans on their profiles to show that you are interested in what they have to say. It’s easy to develop and maintain relationships online—and build fan loyalty.

It’s important to know your audience and target demographic. What are their interests outside of your business or organization? How can you talk about those interests and tie them back to you. Social media is a great tool to direct people to your website. Use posts and photos as a teaser to further content—like blogs or pages on your website.

You can also use similar posts for multiple social media platforms (work smarter, not harder). You can post the same photo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest—all driving traffic back to your website.

Don’t know how to get people’s attention?
One universally known fact is that people like cats and kittens. People watch kitten videos and look at kitten photos. Kittens also drive people to take action and make donation (even more than puppies).

Last week our friends at Jason Putsché Photography posted an adorable photo of two kittens on their Facebook and Twitter account. Based on their clientele (humans) they knew that this photo from a recent shoot would go over well with their followers. From all the comments/shares/likes and retweets they reported 5 new facebook fans and 3 new twitter followers from one photo.

So, when in doubt, add a kitten. 🙂

- Elizabeth

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