Fall Safety Tips for Pets from Paws PR Puppy Relations Manager


Photo by Bariann Browne

It’s officially autumn and we asked Paws PR Puppy Relations Manager, Shea, to share his thoughts on fall safety for pets.

From the desk of Shea…

Well, goodbye summer. But don’t fret my furry friends; fall is also a wonderful time for pets to have fun safely. Here are a few thoughts:

Antifreeze – Every year around this time, people begin to winterize their cars which means topping off the antifreeze. Sadly, thousands of pets annually are killed by the substance. Antifreeze is sweet and sticky, smells good and is usually an appetizing color. With no frame of reference, it can look pretty darn delicious to a pet (and even a small human), but just a teaspoon can kill – a cat can die from licking her paws after walking through a puddle of antifreeze. If you spill the product, clean it up right away. Containers of antifreeze should be closed properly and stored out of reach of animals and children. If you think that one of us had gotten in to it, go to the vet immediately – there is an antidote called fomepizole (Antizol-Vet). You can also call our friends at the Pet Poison Helpline.

The Great Outdoors – Every season brings unique opportunities for fun and also unique safety concerns for pets. Colder weather drives rats and mice indoors and you must be vigilant, baited traps can look like a fun toy to a playful pup! Fall is also when mushrooms bloom – most mushrooms are harmless, but we can’t tell the difference and neither can you, so just keep us away from them.

Feral Friends – I’d like to do a PSA (Puppy Service Announcement) on behalf of my feral feline friends. That’s right, I’m an advocate for Trap-Neuter-Return, the humane approach for outdoor cats. If you take care of community cats, now is the time to create a good shelter for the cats and make sure to stock up on straw for bedding. Don’t use blankets or hay which retain moisture in the shelters. Our friends atAlley Cat Allies can provide you with guidance and tips.

I will be back soon with tips for Halloween safety!


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