How to Write an Impactful Blog Post: Tips From a Pro

When the Paws PR team works with a company or nonprofit to develop a new business plan or launch a strategic communications plan, one tactic that is almost always included is the blog. A blog is not only a great way to effectively communicate your company’s mission or product/services, it’s a necessary tool to keep your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at the top of the Google rankings. Here is our insight into how to write an impactful blog:

Three Ingredients of an Effective Blog Post

Whether you are relaying news, sharing a story or offering advice, a blog post is a perfect way to reach your targeted audience. A unique approach to crafting an effective post is to think of presenting the message in a similar manner as to what is used in the sales and marketing industries.

This is what you are going to experience.

Often blog posts begin with long introductions that have little to do with the actual purpose of the piece. Get to the point. In this day and age when we have so much information thrown at us, people don’t have time to figure out what they are reading. Present your information immediately in a clear and concise manner. In relation to sales/marketing, this is “the product.”

This is why it’s important that you are reading this piece.

Producing content that touches a reader is often the sign of a successful blog post. Additionally, when readers are moved by a piece (excitement, anger, joy, sadness), they are more likely to share the post via social media. (And we all want that, right?) Arouse curiosity and intrigue through both feeling and facts. Detail why the news, story or advice is pertinent and how it affects the reader on an individual level.  Don’t forget to include photos or graphics that can be a powerful tool to evoke emotion (and response) from the reader. In relation to sales/marketing, this is “what the product will do for you.”

This is what you should do with the information.

You’ve promised an experience and delivered reasoning as to why the information is relevant, now it’s time to offer instructions regarding a course of action. Before the reader leaves the page, ask them to do something with the knowledge they’ve gained – leave a comment, sign a petition, share the article, visit another page, purchase a product. In relation to sales/marketing, this is the “call to action.”

Now that you are armed with a new strategy for tackling blog posts, give it a try! And, don’t forget to share your post with others on your social media accounts, encouraging fans to share and comment.

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