Jusani Culture: One Inspiring Woman’s Mission to Help Shelter Pets


Melissa Salinas, Founder of Jusani Culture

This week, we want to introduce you to Jusani Culture, an organization we love! In 2010, Melissa Salinas launched Jusani Culture to raise support for no-kill animal shelters. Recently, I spoke to Melissa about Jusani’s mission and share my conversation below. ~ Bariann

Q: Tell us about Jusani Culture!

Jusani Culture was founded to help raise funds and awareness for animal shelters. Our goal is to help expand this new culture within many communities. To do this, Jusani partners with small-business artists and designers by featuring their unique handmade products on Jusani’s website. These specialty items include, clothing, accessories, housewares and pet products.  Every purchase triggers a donation of $8 that goes directly to a shelter.

Q: What is the meaning of the company’s name, Jusani Culture?

Jusani is a word coined from Law. Jus Animalium is a legal term and refers to the idea that the most basic interest of non-human animals should be afforded the same consideration as the similar interest of human beings. Americans are a compassionate society and I believe we can all help create a new culture of kindness to animals in our own unique way. Jusani provides a platform for people who want to make one small act and help an animal in a shelter.

Q: How does the monthly shelter feature program work?

We focus on helping no-kill animal shelters in smaller communities who have a high adoption rate and social media following. Every month, we feature a new organization to receive a portion of sales from our website.

We use our website as a platform to educate about the problem of abandoned pets in America. With info graphics and blog posts, Jusani outlines the reasons why so many pets are abandoned and uses social media to promote pet adoption.

Q: How did you decide to donate $8 for every featured product on the home page?

The number 8 represents 8 million — the approximate number of stray and unwanted animals taken in by shelters across the country per year according to the Humane Society of the United States. They estimate nearly half of these 8 million pets are euthanized, one almost every 8 seconds.

Q: What lessons have you learned from Jusani?

The many artists who want to join the community and help animals through their work continually inspire me. Additionally, the positive feedback I receive from shelters we have featured keeps me motivated. It’s the smaller rescue groups on the front lines every day that are the real heroes in the animal welfare movement. I feel tremendously blessed to play a small role in helping them achieve their missions.

To learn more about Jusani Culture, visit www. http:www.jusani.com or follow them on twitter @JusaniCulture

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