Let’s find Buddy the Jindo a home!



The Paws PR team is dedicated to the field of pet PR and marketing because we love animals! When we are not working with our clients, we are making the world a better place for animals. We want to introduce you to Buddy, a stunning young make Jindo who is currently in foster care with one of our favorite New Jersey-based rescue organizations, Treasured K-9s.

Despite his rough start, Buddy holds no grudges, showering affection, kisses, and kindness on every child and adult he meets, with perfect leash manners and a wagging tail sure to make him the star of the neighborhood!


Buddy with his foster brother.

He is extremely affectionate with all people (including children) and has a very balanced demeanor with all other dogs.

Buddy has perfect leash manners and loves to go for long walks as he flutters his tail and gazes back at you while delivering abundant kisses-all in one stride! He enjoys car rides, hanging out with his foster brothers, and running off lead in an ample closed in area. Although quite adaptable, Buddy would prefer another K9 companion and a fenced in yard to show you his beautiful gait and playful ways. In the home, Buddy is a very respectful guest and loving foster brother to his current two senior small K9 brothers.

This is one of the most-easy going Jindos that Treasured K9′s has ever had in rescue. Jindos originate from Southern Korea and are a highly intelligent breed and bond deeply to their owners.  They enjoy ample exercise and will thrive in agility training.  Jindos are very respectful in the home, and are rarely destructive in their space. They tend to be escape artists and should never be left unattended in a yard.  However they enjoy running off lead in an enclosed area and have exceptional moves that any dog lover would be in awe of.  This is a hardy breed that can live in upwards of 17 years.  They require a patient and devoted owner who will work to build their unwavering trust and devotion.

Buddy is searching for a forever home that will continue his training, build his confidence, and expand his limitless potential.

If you’re interested in meeting Buddy, visit TreasuredK9’s.org to fill out an application. And be sure to share this post with your friends! Let’s find Buddy a home!

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