National Pet ID Week: Make Sure Your Pets are Properly Tagged

dog-598193_640The week of April 13th through April 19th is National Pet ID Week. Identification (ID) tags are often overlooked, as pet owners feel as though they could never have a lost pet. Some pet owners believe in a pet’s intelligence: “Fluffy doesn’t need an ID tag because she will always come back when I let her outside.” Other owners try not to take chances: “Charlie doesn’t need an ID tag because we don’t let him outside.”

Imagine if that loving pet, who typically roams the parameters of a yard, explores too far. Imagine if that furry friend, who is accustomed to the comforts of a warm home, becomes excited and slips out the front door. Pets who become lost are difficult to find and often end up wandering alone in search of home. Used to his or her comfortable territory, a lost pet becomes frightened and dangerously disoriented. This sad image is an unfortunate reality for many pets whose owners neglect to buy ID tags. However, by spreading awareness of the many great reasons to purchase ID tags, pets will be reunited with their loved ones faster.

• ID tags can feature a home address, phone number and any additional contact information deemed important.
• ID tags can be used for cats and dogs, as well as other four-legged family members. Any animal that roams outside or could become loose outside can and should wear an ID tag.
• ID tags can also be stylish. Although safety is the priority, an ID tag is also a fun way to let any animal make a fashion statement.
• In addition, people who find a lost pet are more likely to feel safe in approaching and helping an animal sporting a collar and tag.

Together, the benefits of ID tags can help reunite a lost pet with his or her family. Ensure that every household pet is wearing an updated ID tag. Spread awareness of the importance of ID tags during National Pet ID Week and beyond.

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