Your Brand is the Foundation of Your Marketing

It’s how customers find you and how the public recognizes your company or organization in the blink of an eye. An impactful logo and color scheme that is consistent across all your communication channels – website, packaging, advertising, social media and collateral materials—solidifies customer loyalty and secures your credibility and position in the marketplace.

Reputation through Brand Building

While many PR agencies help clients build to their brands, Paws PR takes it one step further. We help clients understand how the key tools of persuasion work and how best to employ them. Whether your organization seeks to improve its credibility or motivate your target audience to action, we share the tricks of the trade and tailor them to your specific objectives.

Graphic Design

Strong visual choices can effectively communicate a large amount of information in a succinct and compelling manner. Our designers help you think through key considerations such as logos, color pallets, font choices, infographics and images used.

At Paws PR, we analyze your customer base and your competition to position you as an industry leader.  Our expertise in defining and catering to your target audience is complimented with our own experience as lifelong consumers in the pet industry.  Not only have we always shared our homes with pets, we have also worked for and supported many animal protection organizations.

In 2018, during a stint as Communications Director, Patricia oversaw the rebranding of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. The project was nominated for Best Law Website in the 23rd annual Webby Awards. The New York Times describes the Webby Awards as the “Internet’s highest honor.” More than 13,000 entries spanning 70 countries were considered this year. Fewer than 10 percent were chosen as nominees.

Paws PR
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