Tools for Nonprofits from YouTube and Google

Many organizations out there, including YouTube and Google want to see nonprofits succeed! They have created programs specifically for nonprofits that are free and include many benefits.

YouTube encourages nonprofits to sign up to be a part of the YouTube Nonprofits Program. There are several benefits to this program. A donate button allows viewers to contribute to a cause online right from a nonprofit’s YouTube videos. YouTube allows businesses to live stream video footage onto their channel, and offers them the ability to put links on their videos where viewers can click to visit their website, donate, or learn more. In addition, nonprofits can connect with fellow nonprofits and get advice from pros on the free YouTube Nonprofits Forum.

Here is a video sample we helped put together for Alley Cat Allies that features interactive ‘action’ buttons at the end.

Google also offers many benefits to nonprofit users. Businesses can apply for Google Grants which allows them to freely advertise on Google. Nonprofits can create their own ads and choose keywords through Google’s AdWords program. Then, when people search on Google using those keywords, the ad may appear on the top or right side of the screen. People can simply click on the ad to donate to the organization or be directed to their website to learn more. All of this is free for the nonprofit! Nonprofits that receive grants are restrained only by a daily budget set to $330 and a maximum cost-per-click limit of $1.00.

It’s great to see that YouTube and Google are taking steps to advocate for and help out nonprofits–now you just have to take advantage of them!


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