#WoofWednesday – Meet Gus

Gus-Soho-sstorefront1In honor of #WoofWednesday, we had a conversation with photographer Molly Egan, owner of Gus, a most adorable pug we got to know on Twitter.

Tell us about Gus! What’s his story?

Gus is the most adorable, fun-loving spastic and irresistible pug! I fostered him from a family that eventually gave him up due to their newborn’s issues. One month later, he officially was mine!  It only took a couple days until I was in love! Gus moved to Brooklyn, NY with me last year. Even though he has spent most of his life in Georgia he loves it here especially the dog parks where he’s become a new social butterfly!

How long does it take to fall in love with a pug?

Well, for me – it was instant! But upon meeting any pug it only takes a few moments—how could you not love their adorable wrinkly faces? It only took a week living with Gus before I knew this was it and we were inseparable!

Any Fun Facts to share about Pugs?

Why yes, they are royalty!  The Pug was the official dog of the House of Orange in Holland after one of the breed saved the life of the Crown Prince. An image of the dog appears in the effigy of the monarch over William’s tomb.

Do they have any strong opinions about cats?

My Pug, Gus, grew up with a cat so for him they are…just there. Upon living with me,  my roommate had a cat and when he came out he would just sit and look at him for a few and then go about his own business. She was more interested in him.

Where can we learn more about Gus?

You can keep up with Gus at @pugtography and stay tuned for updates on the launch of our new website: www.pugtograpy.com

Pugs + Photography = Pugtography!

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