Case Study: @feralbecky

Paws PR represented Alley Cat Allies, a national nonprofit that advocates for cats, from 2007 - 2014. One of our objectives was to position the organization’s founder and President, Becky Robinson, as a leader in the feral cat movement. We achieved this objective using a combination of proactive media relations, marketing campaigns, and social media.

We launched and managed the social media accounts for Becky Robinson (@feralbecky) building an engaged and loyal fanbase with impressive annual growth across all platforms (Twitter: 48% growth, Facebook: 171% growth, Instagram: 236% growth, Pinterest: 160% growth.)

Over the course of 3 years, we successfully built an engaged fanbase and developed a unique personality and brand image for fans who sincerely believed they had a direct conversation with the president and founder of the organization. A template for personalized sharegraphics was created, providing a branded platform to share key messages from the organization regarding stray and feral cat care and advocacy issues. The sharegraphics, along with all posts, were carefully tracked and analytics reviewed to inform the content for future posts.

A key to successful social media involves the development of a unique online persona that is actively engaged with the audience. All Tweets @ our client and Facebook and Instagram posts were responded to within 12 hours. The accounts were monitored in the evenings, on weekends and holidays and any urgent messages or issues pertaining to cats were immediately referred to our client for direct response

We carefully crafted a combination of user-friendly information and personal stories for the audience. We took photos of vegan food, outdoor shots of flowers and nature, and combined these with photos supplied by our client to develop a well-rounded and affable online personal for Becky Robinson.

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