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Social Media for Animal Nonprofits

A story ran recently about the Humane Society Waterville area shelter in Maine. They used their Facebook page to plead for assistance for donations of dog food. Shortly after the post, a man donated a week’s supply of food to the shelter that has been hard hit by the economy. Last year, I helped a friend […]

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Are you Pinning? Why Pinterest is a Great Marketing Tool for Businesses and Nonprofits

Over the weekend, legendary TV host Larry King Tweeted to his fans that he was now “experimenting with this Pinterest thing” and encouraged fans to follow his board. Another example of how Pinterest isn’t just for women between the ages of 25 and 55—although this is Pinterest’s largest demographic. Increasingly, small and large businesses and […]

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Victory in NYC! – The Power of Grassroots Activism

I always avoid Central Park West in NYC where the carriage horse drivers line up hawking sales to tourists who are oblivious to truth behind this disgusting industry. Horses must work in hot humid temperatures and in the brutal cold – nine hours a day, seven days a week and go back to stuffy stable […]

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Holiday Safety Tips

With all the bustling busyness and excitement of the holidays, we understand that it can be easy to be less diligent in attending to the safety of your pets. To help you out, we’ve complied some quick and easy tips to ensure that you and your pets have a happy and safe holiday season. Make […]

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Happy Halloween!

What’s that? You say there is a hurricane coming? We were too busy doing a Halloween photo shoot with Jason Putsche Photography to notice. (Everyone is a pumpkin this year!) – Elizabeth

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A Tale of Two Ducks

Here at Paws PR, we love animals and we’re always finding ourselves in situations where they need our help. After a meeting on Friday, I stopped to visit a friend and fellow animal rescuer in New Jersey. She was concerned because on her morning walk with her dogs, she noticed two extremely friendly ducks in […]

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Stay Safe for a Happy Howl-o-Ween!

I love Halloween! Over the weekend, I pulled decorations out of storage—pumpkins, witches and ghosts now spruce up my home with a festive hint of the season. As I strung candy corn colored lights on the terrace, one of my cats decided to be helpful and tried to chase (and chew!) the power cord. I […]

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Coco Comes Home

On Saturday night, I accompanied my friend Laura to La Guardia airport to pick up her new four-legged family member. Coco, a three-year-old Chihuahua, had been placed on a flight from Oklahoma by her foster family and was set to arrive at 10:30pm. Coco was rescued from a kill shelter in Oklahoma. Volunteers with the […]

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Professor Wigglesworth: Using Social Media to Adopt a Special Needs Kitten

Professor Wigglesworth was found during a video shoot of a Trap-Neuter-Return program in Fredericksburg, Va. He was eight weeks old and had impaired mobility (which turned out to be cerebral hypoplasia, commonly referred to as “CH”). Paws PR and Jason Putsché Photography donated our services to help this little guy find a home. We established a facebook […]

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